Adjustable pitch

You set the pitch yourself so that your boat performs at its best in all situations (e.g. for water-skiing, or when carrying light or heavy loads). With the correct propeller setting, your fuel consumption will decrease while your speed and performance increase.


Replaceable blades

If a blade is damaged, you can easily replace it on the spot and carry on with your trip immediately. This is cheaper than paying repair bills or buying a new propeller.


Adaptable hub

Propulse fits all of the most common makes and models, which means that you can continue to benefit from its advantages even if you change engines.


Strong composite

Stronger than aluminium. Propulse is 100% recyclable.



Unlike an aluminium propeller, Propulse is not subject to corrosion or cavitation damage. The finish will be as new, despite many years of use.



The Propulse propeller is 40% lighter than an aluminium propeller, thus reducing the strain on your transmission and gear mechanism, and ensuring your engine a longer service life.



Propulse propellers have been designed with the aid of the most recent hydrodynamic research. The use of 3-D CAD ensures maximum accuracy. We have placed a great deal of importance on strength and performance tests.



Propulse is a Swedish quality product that has been tested in great detail, resulting in a 3-year warranty on the hub.



Propulse is available at your nearest marine equipment store.


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